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If you are not feeling represented, then chances are, you’re not

To the editor,
To the editor,
I was unable to attend the "Belknap County Republican Budget Committee hearing" last night. While reading about it in the paper this morning and recalling the past few meetings, I am finding the level of malfeasance, misconduct and transgression to be not only disappointing but unacceptable. As a Selectboard member, I have maintained to myself that I would abstain from letter writing and public comment about local government issues but the shenanigans that have been taking place warrant comment so I decided to give an opinion by defining some words in place of voicing my personal opinion. Facts are facts and it is hard to dispute them.
Lets start with defining three forms of government: Oligarchy, "a government in which a small group exercises control, especially for selfish purposes.." Tyranny, "a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler..." and Democracy, "a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly through a system of representation..." You may be seeing some correlation here in what currently is and what should be.
Two words from the beginning of this letter defined are, Transgression, "infringement or violation of law." And Malfeasance, "wrongdoing or misconduct, especially by a public official." Both seem to be exercised frequently. So what is the answer, I guess it may help to say pay closer attention to what is being done or undone and by whom. Generally, the public is not completely familiar with how local, county and state government operates and they rely on their elected officials to follow the law of the land in an honest and transparent manner that will benefit the majority of constituents on a whole. At least that is how I conceive it. So hold your elected officials accountable for their actions and if you are not feeling represented chances are you're not. In closing, from an old saying, "...then keep the old motto in sight and let it's meaning permeate each day, whatever comes, this too shall pass away"
Carla Horne
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