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Mark Billings would bring independent voice to Inter-Lakes board

To the editor,
The voters of the Inter-Lakes School District will have a unique opportunity to elect an incredibly talented and caring individual to the school board this year. I'm speaking about Mark Billings, who I have known for a number of years.
Mark's commitment to our community is illustrated by his involvement with the Meredith Conservation Commission, where I have had the privilege of working alongside him for the last five years. During his term as chairman, he has demonstrated the ability to work effectively with all members as well as community representatives and government officials. He has consistently shown a breadth of knowledge, thorough preparation, and understanding of the issues. Mark has also served the community by his work on the Meredith Energy Committee.
Through his continuing attendance at school board meetings, Mark has further demonstrated his passion for improving the quality of the education process, while maintaining a sense of fiscal responsibility. He is an independent voter and not beholden to any party or philosophy except what is best for the students. Mark has no conflict of interest so he would be able to use his talents and energy on every issue which comes before the school board throughout the term.
Please be sure to cast your vote for Mark Billings on Election Day in order to have his knowledge and impartial passion working for both the students and taxpayers of the Inter-Lakes School District.
Bob Davis
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