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Why are 'Maggie & the Dems' owned by the decling unions?

To the editor,
Here are a few facts/questions to consider about "Maggie and the Dems".
— Gas prices are projected to hit $4 to $5 shortly. What does "Maggie and the Dems" want to do? Raise the gas tax. This is on top of a 2 percent payroll tax.
— Defeat right-to-work. Where are all those high paying union jobs? We could get business from Vermont (IBM), RI and Maine with RTW.
— Defeat education credits. This hurts the poor and the middle class. Teachers' union wanted this. Guess Exeter Academy is out-of-the-question.
— "Maggie and the Dems" do not want Northern Pass, windmills or nuclear energy. What do they want? Fact: solar and wind provide only 4 percent of the total energy in the U.S.
— How about a tax on bicycles? They use the road.
— Raise the tax on cigarettes. If I do not smoke, what do I care? My choice,  unlike the gas tax.
— Why are "Maggie and the Dems" owned by the unions? Membership in unions fell 400,000. State (North Dakota) with the lowest unemployment is right-to-work.
Simply stated, we face in N.H., restoration of the payroll tax, rising gas prices, a new gas tax, and stagnant unemployment. I tried to find where the Dems were recommending spending cuts but there are not any.
My last question, can we use the "Kuster Plan" to pay our taxes? Pay when we are damn good and ready.
Jim Mayotte
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