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Sustainable development is not in best interest of our community

To the editor,
This letter is in response to what Ken McWilliams wrote on February 21, about the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance in Alton. We will be voting on Article 10 on March 12. It is part of local government for sustainability, also referred to as International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives and contracts (ICLEI). ICLEI is also known as Agenda 21. This alternative approach to land development supports cluster housing and workforce housing, also known as sustainable development. It is not in the best interests of our local community and way of life in NH.
Mr. McWilliams uses the word conservation often but, it is really about continually changing land usage by phasing in development through successive applications and further subdivisions. This ordinance is in partnership with HUD/DOT/EPA. This ordinance will put in motion a fundamental transformation of Alton — changes many think are not good. Our State Representative, Jane Cormier, wrote a great article in The Weirs Times on February 14th, that further explains ICELI.
Mr. McWilliams explains how this ordinance will save the developer time and money and he also says he thinks it will benefit the town but, does not explain how. Do you want cluster housing as a neighbor? I know that I do not. Do you want the impact of an additional 30 to 40 homes on your quiet street? If I wanted to live under those conditions, I would not have moved to Alton 35 years ago. I would've moved to Nashua or Manchester.
Mr. McWilliams does not tell us what the impact will be to the cost of our schools, fire department or police department.
Gail Kleeberg
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