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Jim Chase's commitment to students & community is outstanding

To the editor,
Recently The Sun published an article about Laconia High School Athletic Director Jim Chase, and his upcoming retirement. The article addressed Jim and Pat's involvement and contributions to the Laconia Community for so many years, and chronicled their growth as educators, and as a family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about one of our true heroes that walk in our midst every day. Mr. Drapcho again, has painted a clear and poignant picture with his words, of a family that has contributed so much to the children of our community, and continues to do so every day!
I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Jim Chase for many years. He is probably one of the most hard working and genuine souls presently in our educational, and local community. Jim is a perfect example of caring and character, the true glue that holds communities together, and his contribution will be felt for a very long time. Something else you may not know, but Jim Chase has volunteered for the Francoeur/Babcock Memorial Basketball tournament for all of its 20 years running, a feat very few have matched.
I salute you Jim Chase, for not only being a very fine educator for all these years, for all your willingness to help out whenever possible, but also for doing it the right way. Your commitment to your students, your family, and your community is truly outstanding. Thank you Jim and Pat Chase, we could not of done it without you.
Jim Babcock
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