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Let's return this amazing woman to the Gilmanton Selectboard

To the editor,
On Tuesday, March 12 we citizens of Gilmanton have the opportunity to vote for a most amazing woman, my friend and neighbor, Betty Ann Abbott.
Betty Ann is a candidate for selectman for our wonderful town. She comes with a lifetime of education and experience, including an advanced degree in Business Administration and years running large, complicated projects for a number of private, public, and charitable enterprises, which will give her the ability to help guide Gilmanton into the future. She has worked for our town in a number of capacities including a previous term as selectman during which the much lauded Public Safety Complex was authorized and completed. Along with sound credentials Betty Ann also brings deep knowledge of our town and it's citizens; as a selectman she will be a great asset to our community.
Most importantly though, Betty Ann is the nicest, most compassionate person one could ask for in a neighbor. Please support her on March 12th. Thank you.
Lew Henry
Gilmanton Iron Works
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