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We need more aggressive enforcement of our current crime laws

To the editor,
After four years of experience, anyone, like Paul Bonneville, who believes that President Obama is actually helping the middle class is either blind or believes that helping the middle class means raising their cost of living and taking away their jobs, the value of their savings, their freedoms, and future prospects for themselves and their children.
The term "social justice" sounds good, but President Obama hasn't defined it. Paul Bonneville may agree with what he thinks the president means by "social justice", but we learned that Obama's interpretations may vary greatly from most Americans' expectations.
Whatever "social justice" means to Obama, there is little evidence, other than words, that President Obama is interested in promoting better opportunities for anyone. Yes, he wants to take money from hard working people and give it to adults who may or may not work, i.e., buying votes for politicians who promise continued and bigger handouts. But jobs, not handouts, provide opportunities.
Bonneville will point to college aid and loans. What good is a college education and debts if you can't get a decent job? About half of all recent graduates are either working in jobs for which they are way overqualified or don't have jobs at all because President Obama's policies dissuade people from investing and creating jobs in the US.
Bonneville thinks we should raise the minimum wage. Government can raise the minimum wage, but it can't raise the value of the labor. Unless the value of the labor exceeds its cost, the laborer won't be hired or won't be employed for long. Even with today's minimum wage the youth unemployment rate, especially for minorities, is at record highs.
The minimum wage, and raising the minimum wage, deprives people, who initially only provide low value labor, from getting the start needed to learn good work habits and the skills that make employees more valuable. Increasing the minimum wage primarily hurts poor and middle income young people trying to get a start in life.
Depending on the situation, liberals argue that illegal aliens do or don't pay taxes. Illegal aliens do lower the wages and take the jobs of low-skilled Americans forcing many onto unemployment or welfare. And, many illegal aliens receive (sometimes illegally) welfare and other benefits intended by taxpayers for hard pressed fellow American citizens. Cost estimates for the benefits given illegal aliens range from about $80 billion to $300 billion annually.
The proper immigration policy is to close the border and then ensure that illegal aliens receive NO benefits from their illegal actions and from unfairly jumping ahead of the long line of people waiting to immigrate to our country legally.
We need more aggressive enforcement of current crime laws and stricter punishments for criminals who use guns or other weapons. We don't need laws that make it difficult for law abiding citizens to defend themselves.
After four years of President Obama's economic policies, the idea that he wants to grow the American economy is laughable. The way to grow our economy and create jobs is to do the opposite of what Obama has been doing, i.e., we need to cut government spending and remove government, and primarily Obama, imposed disincentives to investment.
Don Ewing
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