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Attend a Tea Party meeting to see what members are really like

To the editor,
On Thursday February 14, 2013 you published a long letter written by former Meredith Selectman Peter Miller. He was extolling the virtues of Inter-Lakes School Board candidate Mark Billings. Mr. Miller feels that Mr. Billings would be a fantastic School Board member.
In his powerful and thought-provoking closing paragraph he stated: "During the nearly 20 years Dotty and I have lived in Meredith, we have witnessed how people of different political persuasions have worked together to achieve common goals."
Bravo Mr. Miller!
But moments before, in the same letter, Mr. Miller said: " ... I respect the Tea Party for the fiscal restraints it has been advocating. Nonetheless, I have the same request of it that I do of the Democrats. Confine your attention to Concord and Washington. Stay out of local affairs."
Well, Mr. Miller, you must love George Orwell's Animal Farm as you seem to feel that some political parties/members are more equal than others, and are better suited to achieve the 'common goals' you talk about. I've got a few questions for you so we can more closely examine your tolerance levels and data collection abilities.
What are these common goals? Are you sure a majority of people support them? Have you ever attended a Tea Party meeting to see what its members are really like, what they really believe in? Did you ever broach this Tea Party topic with Mr. Mark Billings who's qualifications you sing? Would your endorsement of Mark Billings change if I told you he's attended numerous Lakes Regions Tea Party meetings and signed up for our regular newsletter?
I cordially invite you to attend a Tea Party meeting. You'll discover that many of us are deeply caring about local politics, the schools, private property rights, the U.S. and N.H. Constitutions, and environmental issues. In fact, I can clearly remember Mr. Billings speaking up at some past meetings about such issues.
P.S. I suggest you do some additional homework before you decide to write a letter meant for public consumption. When you present all the facts, people might possibly believe what you say.
P.P.S. In the coming months you'll discover the local Tea Party will become deeply involved in local politics. Why? It's simple. We live here, and we care about the community as much, or possibly more, than you do.
Tim Carter, Co-Leader
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