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Bill Bolton has foresight to anticipate consequences of actions

To the editor,
I don't usually endorse individual candidates but in the case of Bill Bolton running for Plymouth Selectman I'll make an exception. I'm sure Bill's impressive bio will be made public and will verify the legitimacy of his campaign. I have been acquainted with Bill for quite a number of years and if you read his "bio" carefully you will find the qualities that I think will make him an outstanding selectman.
Hidden between the lines are his strong sense of community spirit and his commitment to helping people to develop and grow. Also pervasive is his reception and genuine interest in the views and input of others. Bill understands what is happening in the lives of Plymouth residents and how it affects them. He will listen to your ideas and value them.
In contrast to some of the decisions made in this town, Bill has the foresight to anticipate consequences of decisions. Make a positive difference for the Town of Plymouth. Vote Bill Bolton for our next selectman. Quality candidates don't grow on trees. Let's seize the moment. We'll all be better for it.
George Maloof
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