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Too often adults don't think young people know what's going on

To the editor,
I opened my paper on Wednesday and finally got to my favorite section, the letters. I was so impressed with the letter I read from 11 year old Adam I had to write and tell him that I found it totally refreshing to find an 11 year old not afraid to voice his opinion and feelings on the subject of homelessness.
What amazed me most was the compassion and caring in his words. I've read many letters written by adults who do not show any legitimate concern on the matter of these unfortunate individuals' well being.
Too often adults don't think young people see what is going on, that they have no opinions, and that they not care and adults just say things like "they don't understand". But his letter shows that he is, in fact, thinking about this subject and it is clear it is of importance to him.
Homelessness is a very legitimate concern in any community. Although our local police and some very concerned individuals do try to help the homeless in our community it is not enough. People seem to forget that the best way to assimilate these people (some homeless due to nothing they have done) is by not ignoring them but by lending a helping hand and helping them to become productive members in our society again.
I do agree with him on the fact that we need more shelters for these people. There are many buildings that are vacant that could be opened to them so they aren't out in the cold and through fund raising it seems money could be found to do this.
Nancy Parsons
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