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Taxpayers should be thankful for delegation's vigil of restraint

To the editor,
As I read the pages of The Laconia Sun, I must admit, I find the recent animus from the County Commissioners toward the Republican delegation members troubling. All representatives to the Legislature, Republican and Democrats, have a duty to perform in the best interest of all the county taxpayers and not just those of the municipalities where they reside.
Additionally, the commissioners' recent admonishment in the press of the Republican members of the delegation, for structuring a public meeting in their pursuit to reduce the county debt, is counterproductive and unprofessional.
The failure of the commissioners to honestly distinguish between what is good public policy for both county services and its agencies and the county taxpayers is, in my opinion, blatantly deficient.
Furthermore, the commissioners clearly "misapprehend" the delegated duty the Republican members owe, not only to the county agencies, but equally to those citizens who pay the bills.
In summary: the facts show the commissioners "understand wrongly" the Constitutional duty the Republican delegation members owe to the county. The citizens and taxpayers of the county should be thankful they have those elected members of the delegation with an ever-present vigil of restraint on unnecessary county expenditures.
George Hurt
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