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New rule: the last one to write about Engine #4 is the loser

To the editor,
In my opinion, we have heard quite enough of these histrionics from both Selectman John O'Brien and Budget Committee member Kevin Leandro as to the Gilford Engine #4 issues. The pop music icon Stills once quipping that, "Nobody's right if everybody's wrong". The two gentleman have both spoken their piece on this beating of a dead horse issue. Some of us are ready to declare the last letter poster to be published as the loser to this tiresome debate.
Selectman O'Brien, by it seems his own admission, admits that not initially recommending a new engine to the town at the 2012 Deliberative Session was probably a mistake. There were some at that meeting that categorized Engine #4 as "a piece of junk".
Kevin has continued to insist spending the money so far expended on Engine #4 has saved taxpayer money. Maybe, maybe not, but that is now a moot point as the engine has had the money sunk into it as of now. So that may or may not prove over time to be of some worth? The second Town Meeting warrant was defeated so I think that even though I did not personally agree with that decision, the voters were probably correct in not establishing a precedent in allowing a second bite at the apple.
It now only remains to be seen which party in this feud will be declared the LOSER by being the one to get in the last word in a local newspaper.
Tim Sullivan
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