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Unfortunately, there will always be some people living in tents

To the editor,
Dear Adam Michalewicz:
There are homeless people in every town and city. They are homeless because they can't afford a place to live or because they are making choices that keep them from living in a home.
People who can't afford a home usually work to get back to a home, and they will ask Carey House or Laconia Housing and other housing programs to help them.
But the people who make choices that keep them from living in a home have other diseases or illnesses that don't help them. Mental health issues are the biggest reason for people living in tents year around.
All the agencies in the City of Laconia are aware of who is living in tents and why they are living that way. The police department checks on them and the other people living outside check on each other.
But sometimes there are people who will not do anything to change the way they live and will stay in tents year around.
We can help a homeless person who makes choices that keep them from living in a home by giving hope. Some of the people who were living in tents this year have moved to a home because they got that hope and there was space available.
Unfortunately there will always be some people who live in tents. Our job as a community is to do the best we can to respect their dignity and keep them safe.
Leonard Campbell
Belknap County Continuum of Care
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