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Mr. Leandro wants to use Engine 4 as his great claim to fame

To the editor,
First, I'd like to apologize to the people of Gilford for the back and forth between Mr. Leandro and myself regarding the repair of a 25-year-old fire engine. However, I can't let his illogical response to the residents of Gilford go without some logical, businesslike thinking.
Mr. Leandro is absolutely correct, the DPW folks who repaired Engine 4 are and will be paid whether Engine 4 was in for repairs or not. But when a logical businesslike thinker wants to find out the "real"/actual costs of those repairs, the cost of the DPW hours spent NEEDS to be included in that calculation. This is a realistic and strategic thought process that Mr. Leandro either fails to understand or does not want to present due to HIS original, incorrect, incredibly low, repair estimate. And, uniquely enough, Mr. Leandro has based his long time town concerns on neglect of town vehicles. I wonder how much other repair time was extended or wasted by spending 572 hours on one vehicle!
Unfortunately, as in his last rant, Mr. Leandro wants to use Engine 4 as his claim to fame! By his own words, Mr. Leandro taunts the Article 1 "yes" voters (59.99 percent out of 60 percent
needed) as he proudly emphasizes that "Gilford is not purchasing a new fire truck this year". So at this point, we now have a 25 year old fire engine which was repaired for over $72,000 in real costs that we'll need to try to keep in service for a number of years due to the excessive repair costs already invested. But the real question is what other "old truck" repair expenses will be realized over the next few years — another $20,000? Already, we took a gamble on Engine 4 and lost. Unfortunately, we're now extending our gamble. A good strategic move? I guess we'll see. . .
Mr. Leandro also taunts me about signing my letters using my title as Selectman. While, the media often automatically uses this title, I always use and declare "in my opinion" as I am only one of the Selectboard. I totally understand this and, as usual, I did use "I" throughout this letter. However, I do want to let the people of Gilford know that someone that's working for them is thinking logically, strategically, and businesslike. Perhaps I should sign my letter "logical thinker". But, I will again sign as. . John T. O'Brien
Gilford Selectman
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