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Anti-gun advocates are long on rhetoric & emotional exploitation

To the editor,
There are times when I read the letters of liberals and anti-gun advocates, who, it is apparent, have no clue as to what they are talking about. These folks just repeat whatever nonsense they have read or heard other liberals say. One can't put too much blame on them for they are merely what the commissars use to call "useful idiots". But then there is another category of people who do know better but in spite of that will print the most atrocious nonsense in order to put fear in the minds of uninformed people. Regretfully, my fellow townie Henry Osmer, in his letter Tuesday morning, seeks to do just that. He compares a war zone in Viet Nam to our lives here in N.H. and the U.S. (That's not even apples and oranges Henry and you know it.)
Anti-gun advocates are long on inflammatory rhetoric, misinformation and emotional exploitation but short on true facts. They use colorful descriptions like "assault weapons" or "sniper rifles' or "cop-killer bullets" but these descriptions are only to spread fear among non gun owners. These terms, designed to misinform, are by any measure lies. True assault rifles, military rifles, are in fact, covered by the 1934 machine gun laws. Sniper rifles? No such thing; sniping is the use any projectile weapon might be used for. That includes sling shots, bows and arrows, any firearm, but that doesn't stop anti-gunners from throwing the label around. What the heck it scares the bejeebers out of soccer moms. Oh and just to be clear, no bullet ever was designed just to kill cops.
To be sure gun and bullets are dangerous. They must be treated with respect and care. Useful laws and regulations are already in place in most states but more often then not federal officials refuse to enforce their own laws. Until they do we should not be talking about more regulations and laws.
Steve Earle
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