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What can homeless people do in the freezing cold of winter?

To the editor,
I am an 11-year-old. I am writing to you as a citizen of the City of Laconia. I am writing to you about a concern I have. The concern I have is about homeless people. I think that there should be a free shelter that people should not have pay so they can have warm clothes and a family. I think that they should do that because in the winter they get freezing and they could get hypothermia. The homeless people sometimes don't have money for food or clothes. If the homeless people don't have a mattress they could have to sleep on branches and they could get hurt because they're sleeping in the nature. They can't keep themselves physically strong because they don't have the proper health to.
I also know that there is the Carey House. What can the homeless people do if they can't afford to get into any of the places that they can stay and be warm.
Adam Michalewicz
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