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Environmental power brokers most concerned with making $

To the editor,
This letter is in response to recent letters by Robert Moran and Dick Devens on "global warming". I was surprised that they even used that term since environmental alarmists have ceased using that term after finding out that the earth has been cooling for over a decade now. Robert asserts that "climate change" is neither natural or benign. I think we would all agree that it is not benign, but there are many who would be shocked to hear credible scientific professionals proclaim that climate change is not natural. Especially since there has been climate change as long as this planet has been in existence.
Robert goes on to say, "The consensus within the scientific community is clear and straightforward. Global warming is real, increasing, man made and dangerous". Wow, I wonder where he came up with that information? Toward the end of his "doom and gloom" scary letter, he informs us that ice is "receding in the northern and southern extremes of our planet".
What is really scary is that Mr. Moran sounds like an alarmist mouthpiece for Al Gore, Maurice Strong and James Hansen. Joe Bastardi, one of our most accurate meteorologists, has the facts and charts at http://patriotpost.us/opinion/15298, which shows that the earth has in fact been cooling for over 10 years now. He goes on to tell us that recent years have not given us the worst storms of this century. His graph shows us that the 1950s gave us more numerous and severe hurricanes.
I wonder if Mr. Moran thinks polar bears are becoming extinct as does, or did, Al Gore, who took the cue from the flawed analysis of Biologist Charles Monnett. Most scientists who have been keeping up with actual verifiable research, tell us that while there has been a recession of ice in the Arctic, there has been considerable growth in the Antarctic. As of September, 2012, there is a record 7.51 million square miles of frozen water. Even the Associated Press came out with this paradoxical article, "Experts: Global Warming Means More Antarctic Ice".
Dick Devens asserts that some poll taken shows that 8 percent of citizens are dismissive of global warming and are also the loudest segment. Is it any wonder? From the gang at East Anglia to the numerous myths in Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" flawed documentary, anthropogenic global warming is increasingly seen by more in the scientific community as a hoax. All concerned citizens want a clean, sustainable environment. However, if anyone thinks that the power brokers in the environmental movement are primarily concerned about a clean environment, then I've got some Solyndra stock you might want to purchase. They are getting rich off of our tax dollars with green technologies that are many decades away from being viable. Please check out Washington Post editorial writer, Charles Lanes' just released column about the awful waste of money that has been poured into the failed electric car industry. We are being hoodwinked folks as government continues to pick our pockets because it supposedly knows better how to spend our money. Once again, the facts are clear. It clearly does not. I would love to know where Robert and Dick came up with their information which appears to have been gleaned from 10 year old sources.
Russ Wiles
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