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Zero American deaths as U.S. embassies while Bush was president

To the editor,
This is in response to Ms./Mr. Siden's letter in the Feb. 14th issue of this newspaper. My comments do not pertain to her/his disagreement over my "What difference does it make . . ." column, I am content to let my words be contrast to whatever she/he writes. This letter deals with her/his closing paragraph which states, "Perhaps, in his next editorial, Mr. Meade will elaborate on the 12 attacks, the 56 killed and the 74 injured at United States facilities abroad during the previous administration; more than any administration in our history. Whereas, the present administrations has experienced three such attacks, and one of those was in a war zone."
Because of her/his inability to substantiate previous claims that she/he made, I decided to see if I could validate the source for the above statement. I Googled, "How many attacks on U. S. Embassies during the Bush administration". As expected, it brought forth a large number of responses, many of which were from left wing blogs. Here's a brief summary of some of them,
Media Matters (probably the left's favorite site) identified seven attacks during the tenure of George W. Bush, with no Americans killed.
Allvoices.com had a similar report but did not show the attack on the Israeli and American embassies in Uzbekistan. They did show a total of 29 people killed in six attacks, but none of those killed were Americans.
Other blogs seemed to have accepted and passed on unsubstantiated information from blogs, similar to what Ms./Mr. Siden claimed.
In the interest of finding some reliable source, I went into Wikipedia for their historical report on attacks on diplomatic missions. Their report listed attacks on diplomatic sites of all nations. For the (GWB) period involved, Wikipedia showed there were a total of eight attacks over the eight year period, with 12 deaths in the attack in Karachi, Pakistan in 2002, and two deaths in the Uzbekistan attack. It should be noted that, based on the Media Matters report, the deaths in Karachi and Uzbekistan were not Americans.
As to Ms./Mr. Siden's claim that there have been only three attacks during President Obama's time in office, Wikipedia listed seven attacks: 2011-Damascus, Syria, Kabul,Afghanistan, and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2012-Cairo, Egypt, Benghazi, Libya, and Sanaa, Yemen, and in 2013-Ankara, Turkey. There were four American deaths in the Benghazi attack.
Perhaps Ms./Mr. Siden can take a break from trying to make everything "Bush's fault".
Bob Meade
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