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Gilford will stay safe as loon as it's known we'll defend ourselves

To the editor,
I strongly suggest that everyone gets the easiest to use, smallest gun(s), learn how to best use it (or them), and stock enough ammunition to allow regular practice so use is well known, and it is known to be ready. Also post a notice at your door, and/or property entrance, that the occupants are armed and ready to defend themselves. Preparation is the best defense! My BB pistol is ready, but needs more regular practice (working on that). Dad's 22 rifle needs practice. Pepper spray should also be available, but needs more care in use. I recall that Dad's shotgun has a big kick back, but it too should be cleaned, tested, and ready.
I understand that Gilford is a relatively safe area, but it will stay that way only if it is well known that most homeowners are well prepared to defend themselves, so that such defense is never needed. At the Naval Academy I qualified as an expert with all the various guns we trained with, but that was 58 years ago. The best part of the Naval Academy was sailing their 44-foot yawls!
Jack Stephenson
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