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I thought I was an honest American – turns out I’m a ‘gun nut’

To the editor,
Until I read Mr. Ververka's letter to The Laconia Daily Sun on February 9, I had no idea that I was a "gun nut". For over 40 years, I have managed to have a job, go to work, pay my rent and bills and simply thought I was an honest, working American who went about living my own life in a peaceful and honest way. In short, exercising my constitutional right to pursue happiness. But now, I learn that because I own firearms and have a permit to carry one, I must be a "gun nut".
Since as he used the term "gun nut" no less than three times, in his letter, apparently referring to firearms owners in general, I can only assume he thinks that anyone who owns a gun must be a nut.
What I found most interesting was his disbelief that criminals will find a way to get guns regardless of what laws are passed. With just a few minutes spent searching the Internet, I was able to find numerous reports from sources such as The New York Times, PBS Frontline, ABC News, and others that all disagree with his claim that it was a "ridiculous assumption" to believe that criminals can get guns and, in fact, the aforementioned reports state that it is relatively easy for a criminal who wants a gun, to get a gun, (hint: criminals don't care about the laws, that's why they are criminals).
For future reference, a little research goes a long way before writing to the newspaper.
Michael G. Shanks
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