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More guns and lots of innocent folks are going to be killed & wounded

To the editor,
I hope everyone watched MSNBC Monday night: HUBRIS, the selling of Iraq war. The question to be asked is, WHY are the four Americans killed in Libiya any more important than the hundreds of thousands people killed in Iraq, to include thousands of Americans killed and wounded? This war started on the lies of the Bush Administration and no one was held accountable for it. Hopefully, one of the local Benghazi experts can answer that.
I would like to pose this question to Stephen J. Conkling of Meredith, as his letter in Saturday's Sun seems to have all the answers. The articles written urging people to arm up, carry your weapons to town is ridiculous.What is going to happen is lots of innocent folks are going to get killed and wounded. During my 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, 2.5 years were in Vietnam. My first year was a unit based at Can Tho airfield in the delta. Attached to the unit was a small mortuary that processed dead bodies in the delta area. I give you this much information so you can look up for yourself the sad statistics of everyone carrying a weapon. I searched the web for FRIENDLY FIRE DEATHS IN VIETNAM and you can read the results for yourself. This site may make some of the more level headed folks in the area to think twice before they draw their guns in a crowded area. I will remind you of Pat Tillman,a NFL football player who turned down millions of dollars in football contracts to join the army as a private. He was killed in Afghanistan and awarded the Silver Star for bravery under hostile fire. After a long investigation it was changed to killed by friendly fire.
The lesson i'm preaching here is, don't take your gun to town son, don't take your gun to town. I would also suggest that you read a book written by now Senator Al Franken called "Lies and the Liars Who Tell Them.
Henry Osmer
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