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Deterioration of Smith Track is a terrible shame for all in Laconia

To the editor,
As I read the article in Friday's Daily Sun, I really had to scratch my head and I have some questions. The Smith Track was completed in 1998 and in the course of the last 15 years of use, I do know after a lot of usage things wear out, However, this track has been resurfaced three times and now we need to redo the complete track, as I read, from concrete/drainage/and a total resurface.
What is wrong with this picture? Where is all the prior results of the tracks past records? Was anybody reviewing this deterioration? Also, I read other tracks around the state are having the same problems. Is there any collaboration out there? I feel we the taxpayers are blind sided by this. Why was there no money or a contingency plan over the past years to absorb this cost? This lack of oversight will cause more pain for all taxpayers. The worst of all it will be affecting school activities this spring and summer. What a terrible shame for all.
Marty Neylon

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