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Hassan's budget assumes millions from non-existent source

To the editor,
One might think there are other more important things to discuss but in this state we have been presented with a serious issue by a governor whom it seems cares little about governing. Presenting a budget which assumes revenue from a source which doesn't exist — $50 million from licensing a gambling establishment, on the premise that adjacent states are doing it and so should ours. First, my mother would have said, "just because they're are jumping off a cliff it doesn't mean you need to". Second, it is a sell-out of the people, it is an addiction of the worst kind, and the "profits" from it go out of state, any income to the state will be less than the cost to the lives of those living here. Third, a governor in the real world "ideally" would seek to maintain stability rather than spin wildly. N.H. was first with lottery tickets, its 2012 revenue, $66,922,642, is less than $212 million from the tax on cigarettes; but to the states credit it takes the profit not some self serving private interest.
Lyndon B. Johnson started "The Great Society" but died January 1973 at 64 years of age, if he'd lived another 20 years he may have realized the disaster. His "War on Poverty" began with a $1 billion appropriation in 1964, according to Rector of the Heritage Foundation; government has spent $19.8 trillion (in inflation-adjusted 2011 dollars) since. Now we've a president wanting to save the "Middle Class". A family of four poverty level in 1964 was $3,600. Middle income range was $4,000 to $9,000. Median income today is $50,054 to $101,582. There are not enough trillions of dollars to "save" the middle class even in half the time the Federal Government saved the poor.
We "the people" must relearn what was learned before, government can't save anything. Governments only know how to spend and today spend by taxing future taxpayers whose parents aren't even born yet.
That is slavery carried to its extreme. We were given a model with which to govern ourselves, it was written by men of conscience, at least at that moment. The idea was that people could govern themselves, that individual states could govern themselves and "United" states could survive as a nation. Presidents and other government officials swear to uphold the constitution and then immediately seek to usurp it with the "new" ideas or a means to deal with a crisis.
Just a note: I am happy to be living in one of five counties in all of New England, three which are in New Hampshire, that voted Republican (which is as close to a conservative administration as we could get).
G.W. Brooks
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