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How did we eliminate small pox & polio? Through vaccinations!

To the editor,
In his most recent letter entitled "Doctors playing games by labeling vaccinations as immunizations," Russ Wiles makes some compelling and challenging charges against vaccinations and immunizations. I would like to address these questions. The answers require complex and detailed answers. Please bear with me as I try to answer.
First he states that vaccinations are not immunizations.
Three months ago I saw a 41 year old female who was applying to nursing school She needed proof of immunity to mumps, measles and rubella, so she could do her clinicals. Her last vaccinations for these disease were almost 30 years prior. I had some labs drawn and she had antibodies against all three diseases at a level which proved immunity. I have done this for a fireman to show immunity t the Hep B virus for his work. Wow, that took all of 30 seconds to prove Russ wrong again. Maybe he can enlighten us on how she came to be immune, if not through vaccinations?
His second statement: "untold millions have died from over sensitivity to vaccinations", is wrong again. Where is the proof of this Russ? He gets upset when I compare him to a child, however, like a child when he cannot argue with facts, he makes things up. That took all of five seconds again to prove Russ wrong.
He then repeats a statement regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations: "there is no significant scientific agreement based upon disinterested clinical trials, that any vaccine is either safe or effective". This is a nonsensical quote. First no one states that vaccines are 100 percent safe. We do know that the benefits far outweigh the risks. Secondly, it is impossible to prove a negative. We can eliminate a disease through mass vaccinations (look at small pox and polio), however, some nut ball can argue something else is responsible for the results. All it takes is a rational, intelligent thinking individual to review the studies and see the benefits. We can show study after study showing the decrease in life-threatening infections with vaccinations yet there are some who fail to acknowledge this. If Russ was not intellectually lazy he could go to PubMed and see numerous studies proving this point.
It seems Russ has become an honorary member of the TFHWS (tin foil hat wearing society). He cites a number of doctors as his sources for his beliefs. One of the doctors he mentions is Rima Laibow. She beliefs That the New World Order is planning to kill off 5.5 billion of the world's population. This was supposed to have begun first on 2009 and then again last year. I guess that did not happen, but she will always accept your money at her website. She is a real credible source in my book!
And about that courageous doctor who wrote the book that Russ took the title of his letter from. Russ fails to identify, a bit dishonestly, Dr. Tom Oshea as a chiropractor. Chiropractors do not believe in science, if they did they could not be chiropractors. The practice of chiropractic medicine is based on a theory, never proven, not on scientific evidence. Of course vaccinations are not part of this belief as scientific evidence is clearly on the side of vaccinations. Science drives public policy, thus we have mandatory vaccination programs to get into school, health professions and the military. It is interesting that most all of the doctors that Russ mentions have websites to try and sell you some unproven magical formula for your health.
Russ once offered me a ladder to climb down from my lofty perch. I would like to suggest that Russ use that ladder to attempt to climb up from the depths of his ignorance. Given the depth of his ignorance this may well be a daunting task.
Mirno Pasquali PA-C
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