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Might government violate our rights? Ask Japanese Americans

To the editor,
So many letters from liberals, so much misinformation; impossible to correct it all.
Ray Corliss apparently thinks a six-shot revolver is an "assault weapon." That's the gun used to shoot Ronald Reagan. No one's gun control proposals (not yet anyway) will take away six-shot revolvers although hand guns were used in 70 percent of all gun murders (rifles which includes the "assault weapons" banned in 1994 accounted for less than 4 percent of gun murders).
Corliss, L.J. Siden and others keep suggesting that the NRA and Second Amendment rights advocates want automatic (assault or otherwise) weapons, M-16s and other automatic capable weapons. Where is the evidence for this? These assertions are false.
Corliss and other liberals keep repeating the ridiculous claim that gun rights supporters want to take Secret Service protection from the president. Of course that is false, the president needs protection, but so do other people. According to census data 13,756 people were murdered in 2009. How many of those were presidents, other politicians or rich people with armed protection? Two? One? None?
Almost all victims were law abiding people like you and me. Don't we deserve to live also? Shouldn't we have the right to defend ourselves from criminals?
Is there any evidence that President Obama's or Senator Feinstein's proposals will stop criminals from getting guns with which to commit crimes? Will criminals and the criminally insane comply with these regulations and submit to "universal registration"? No. And, our politicians are not even enforcing current gun laws or ensuring maximum penalties for people who use guns to commit crimes.
Is there a reason to fear government power? In the 20th Century, more than 250 MILLION people, many still trusting their governments, were murdered by their own governments. This is easier if citizens can't fight back.
Might our government violate American citizens' rights? Ask Japanese Americans about the WWII internment camps. Ask New Orleans home owners whose homes were invaded after Katrina, who were mistreated, who had loaded real assault weapons pointed at them by American soldiers, and whose legal weapons were confiscated so they were not able to defend themselves from criminals. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf8trl69kzo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-taU9d26wT4
Only law abiding citizens will comply with President Obama's or Senator Feinstein's gun control proposals if they become law, and that will just make more innocent people vulnerable to criminals with guns. For a safer world, curtail the rights of criminals, not of law abiding citizens.
Don Ewing
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