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Now, if you don't support gambling, you're causing $80M hole

To the editor,
I just listened to Governor Hassan's budget message, I have to give her credit, she is already looking forward to getting re-elected. Something for everybody; the basest kind of pandering a politician can stoop to.
She included gambling revenues of $80 million in her revenue estimates. Last session, gambling was a bipartisan issue with support and opposition coming from both sides of the isle. This year it doesn't matter what side of the question you sit on; if you don't support gambling you will be responsible for a $80 million hole in the budget.
Education funding, last session Republicans forced a 6 percent cut on the university system budget, as a result tuition went up. Governor Hassan has proposed replacing 90 percent of that 6-percent cut over two years; shouldn't tuition go back down? The university system has generously promised to freeze tuition for two years. So they get to keep the increase in funding and the tuition hikes imposed on students as a result of the last year's budget. Must be new math 2.0!
More of the same tax and spend from Democrats.
Paul Simard
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