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Everyday, ordinary citizens just don't want to be the next victim

To the editor,
To sing along with Steve Earle's letter (Jan. 22), how many trillions of our taxpayer dollars were wasted in the past on alcohol prohibition, the war on drugs and now we hear the ever-so-righteous uproar by "gun-ignorant zealots" for more "gun control" on top of all the other illogical, ineffective measures already law? Too bad all that money couldn't go to improving the lot of those of us who need it badly because that's what historians have always reported is the real cause of violent crime anytime. Criminals will always get guns to gain their ends, just like big business always find a way to raise the price on a gallon of gas or heating oil or anything else they can get away with just to boost profits.
It wasn't just "gun-crazed" NRA members cleaning out gun stores before the dreaded "ban on guns" might begin being screamed about in the media. It was everyday, ordinary citizens who didn't want to be the next victim before the police could come to investigate over their dead bodies after the deed was done. As the oh-so-highly-educated "gun-ignorant, gun control zealots" have chosen to overlook because it offends some noble principle, the Centers for Disease Control and FBI crime statistics show an overall decline in gun violence in the last 40 years.
Say what! The media hasn't been screaming about that because that won't upset people and jack-up ad sales on everything else we buy. Don't believe me, it's easy to look up. Except of course for our neighbors in liberal, wealthy Massachusetts where their "feel-good" Gun Control Act began in 1998 and now we see how the Mass. Dept of Health reports today that their violent crime is up 70 percent. Ouch! How does "gun control" feel now? Better call your elected N.H. politician before taxes go up on more such Massachusetts Madness during these continuing difficult times for ordinary people right up here.
Bill Chase
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