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Protect our aquifer by voting no on Belmont Article 2

To the editor,
Since no one else in the Belmont Town Hall is keeping you informed I would like to let you know about one of the articles on the town warrant you will be asked to vote on.
"Article #2: Are you in favor of the adoption of amendment number #1 as proposed by the Planning Board for the town Zoning Ordinance as follows: Adopt a definition of the regulations for Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station and allow Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Stations only in the Industrial Zone. Vote Yes or No"
My concern as a resident and taxpayer of Belmont in allowing this zoning change to occur is that the Industrial Zone is on top of our water supply (our aquifer). If this is allowed they will be bringing in the garbage they collect from Laconia and every other town or city they collect garbage from to Belmont. Presently the collection of garbage by Bestway goes to the Laconia Transfer Station which is not near any municipal water supply.
Bestway has gotten permission from the town to operate the collection and removal of demolition materials. They now want us to approve a garbage collection transfer station. The problem with Bestway is they are now selling their company to an out-of-state garbage collection service.
This aquifer supplies water to Belmont, Tilton and Northfield — approximately 800,000 gallons/day
At the Deliberation meeting of February 2, 2013 when this article came up for discussion the chairman of the Conservation commission called for a study to be made of the proposed transfer station.
In view of the conservation commission concern as well, putting this approval on hold until the study is completed would be the safest thing to do. A NO vote would be appropriate for now.
George Condodemetraky
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