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Liberals believe if we love our enemies they will love us back

To the editor,
Until I read The Sun this morning (Wednesday, Feb. 13), I wasn't aware that overnight the sky had opened up and rained moonbats.
First Ray Corliss: I love the way the left throws around facts without doing any research. Ray, I hate to burst your bubble but President Reagan was shot by a mentally impaired liberal (aren't they all?) and his gun of choice, taken from a family member, was a .22 cal. revolver. Yes, there are people advocating taking away all firearms, such as Mayor Bloomberg of New York. Regarding immigration, Ray, look up the word illegal in the dictionary. Quoting John Lennon as you did immediately caused an image of you to pop into my head — head band and pony tail. Please don't send me a picture to prove I'm wrong.
Next, Dick Devens: As soon as you can explain to me how the Vikings were able to plant vegetable gardens on Greenland in the 15th Century, which for the most part is now ice and snow covered year round, and how plants flourished in the Sahara desert on more than one occasion in the past then I might consider buying into the global warming fiasco that is making some people wealthy (see Al Gore) but making most of us poorer.
Professor Maloof: Please name the "social scientists" and economists that you quote. Do they also believe in global warming?
L.J. Siden: Okay, LJ, yes there are people talking about disarming us and there are people who hate us for what we are, not for what we have done. North Korea, all of the Middle East, yes all, but especially Iran, parts of Central and South America are turning against us, and the old standbys China and Russia would love to have control of our natural resources. Imagine if we got hit with a nuclear bomb and they who survived had no protection from the following invasion. Will it ever happen? I don't know but I don't see any problem with being prepared and I really think it would be stupid not to be. Oh, I forgot, liberals think if we only would love them they would love us in return. Sure they would! Keep in mind L.J., that gun owners protect the unprotected by making gun ownership a mystery to those who would break the law. Lastly, remember that most all of the multiple murders occurred in gun free zones. The creeps from Vermont that murdered the Zantops, the professors from Dartmouth, came to a liberal area of N.H. to commit their crime. I wonder if it was because Vermont has zero gun laws. Makes sense to me.
Dave Schwotzer
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