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Should we also count Ronald Reagan among the anti-gun loons?

To the editor,
Today I write with questions for the true looney tunes, talking about revolution. I realize that you live in the past, but this is just plain nuts. Do you intend to revolt against our true militia, you know the Army Reserve and the National Guard who do an outstanding job protecting all our citizens...good luck with that one. As far as gun control is concerned, nobody is advocating taking away anyone's hunting rifles or hand guns used for sport or self-protection. What is being advocated is keeping military style weapons out of public hands. No one needs them to hunt or protect themselves. Your own favorite Supreme court Justice Anton Scalia said, "M16's and the like have no place in the 2nd Amendment." Also, your favorite President, Ronald Reagan was against assault weapons for public use. And don't forget he and others were shot by one. And then there is the idea that our current President shouldn't have Secret Service protection. How crazy is that! In my 61 plus years, all of our Presidents and their families have had Secret Service Protection even after they leave office.
I hear these same wing nuts that refer to Democrats or Human Rights advocated called loons. I hear a couple bird names that fit these people that are doing the name calling, how about as in Jim Crow. And some that I know and see around the area that resemble old buzzards sitting on their perches. Picking apart the Constitution to suit their agenda.
Regarding immigration, unless you are 100% Native American, then you are an immigrant yourself, and are of multiple races and cultures. So who are you to make the decision on who gets deported. I understand the need to register aliens and have them pay their fair share of taxes, which most of them do. I agree we need to do something for them to become legal citizens so why don't we all work together to get them there, instead of making it more difficult. These same people seem to think that this is a Christian country only...wrong! We are a melting pot for all. To quote John Lennon, Give Peace a Chance.
Ray Corliss
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