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We’d better learn how the Earth works if we’re going to survive

To the editor,
The Chinese can now buy air, in cans — air for breathing. It's hard to breathe in parts of China, where many of the world's 2400 coal plants are located. Ain't Free Enterprise wonderful?
Coal plants emit heat, too, like the 800,000,000 vehicles and 7,000 planes that zoom around the earth 24/7. Contributing even more to global warming is the meat industry, surprisingly. Sea level is rising along with the world population, and corporations are dishing out misinformation.
There is small but growing awareness that we'd better learn how the earth works if we're going to survive, much less prosper. Transition Towns and Permaculture have started making a difference, and can be found online.
How do you feel about global warming? In the U.S., Alarmed are 16 percent, Concerned are 29 percent, Cautious are 25 percent, Disengaged are 8 percent, Doubtful are 13 percent, Dismissive are 8 percent, the loudest group.
Gasoline Alley has a dead end.
Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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