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We're fortunate to have skaters from 1 to 78 at Skate Escape

To the editor,
We would like to take a few minutes at the start of 2013 to thank all the Roller Skaters and moms and dads. . . and grandparents and businesses and all our friends and family for all the encouragement, support, and donations you have shared with us over the past 2 1/2 years here at Skate Escape!
Parents, thank you supporting all our rink rats in their quest to roller skate in a safe, wholesome environment where kids can be kids! It's a tough world out there, and, we all do what we can here in our little roller skating world to offer a place where bullying is not tolerated, where kindness is rewarded, and where safety and fun are our top priorities!
To the local businesses that have helped out during any of our events, including the most recent 2nd Annual 24 hour Skate-A Thon: (If someone is left out, it is solely the oversight of the writers) Laconia Village Bakery, The White Tiger, Domino's, The Margate, Annie's, Caroselli Painting, Che Bella's Salon, Little Caesars, The Coffee House, LASC, members of the Police Department, members of the Lakes Region Tri Club, LDR, The Faith, Hope and Love Foundation, Hannafords, those who purchase gift certificates anonymously and give them back to the rink so we can assist those who cannot afford to skate....THANK YOU!
A special thank you to our friends and family who take time from their busy lives to work with us to provide this wonderful little world for our youth AND yes, for skaters of all ages. Without supportive husbands, brothers, sisters, moms and dads, where would we be?
Without our friends and family and our devoted Rink Rats, we would not be here today. We try to convey our thanks all the time, but we wanted to publicly give them the thanks they so greatly deserve!
We are so amazed that this list is so long, and we often sit back and think how blessed we are for this opportunity and to be part of this community.
In case you have not had chance to come to 161 Court Street in Laconia, please do so. We have skaters from 1 year to 78 years old! Come see the fun we have, and take a minute to check our achievements and our treasured award.
Thank you again to our community, to those who come to skate from near and far, and for our ROLLER SKATING family.
Janine Page & Erica Duncan
Skate Escape
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