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I’ve never seen or heard of a ‘no questions asked’ table a gun show

To the editor,
Saturday morning and I'm hoping everyone is safe and warm after last night's snow. I'm reading the paper on my PC today. You see I'm retired and do not have to go out.
So, I see James Veverka is presenting himself as an expert on of all things gun show. He tells readers these gun shows sometimes have tables of "no questions asked". Gray loop holes, I think he said. It's ridicules to think criminals will always find ways to get guns, he says. This is very strange to me because I've been to hundreds of gun shows in my life and never once have I seen or heard of a "no questions asked" gun sellers table, not once. Makes me think James is blowing smoke. Let me be clear so that non gun owners that have never been to a gun show can understand. Any gun dealer selling firearms at a gun show must do a background check just like they do at their store. No exceptions, no if ands or buts.
Now as for James' anti NRA rant, let's be clear that yes, most NRA members are for background checks. Most states have background checks in place but what the NRA questions is the wisdom of allowing the federal government to run such a system. James probably would agree that on many other subjects having the Feds run some huge invasive records on private citizens would be a bad idea. After all political pressures from all sides have in the past led to abuses. I just have to ask James, why is it ridiculous to think criminals will always get guns? I give readers the example of, Chicago. Drug gangs, criminals, have made Chicago the murder capitol of America. These guys are not going to gun stores or gun shows to get their guns yet they seem to have an abundance of them. History has shown that people, for good or evil can get anything they really want. Prohibition could not stop the importation of booze. The war on drugs has been ongoing for more then five decades and so far failed. During WW2, partisans all over Europe got guns to fight back against the invaders. Really now how does James propose to prevent criminals from getting guns?
What is ridiculous is this uninformed, misleading left-wing misinformation campaign being waged by the anti-gun crowed. Most of those advocating this have never been closer to a gun then at the movies or on their TV's. Still they present themselves as experts after listening to one politician or another telling them "the facts". Most of which are laughable. So James, why not try getting the facts from, say the FBI crime statistics or Justice Department studies. And remember, no fair culling these files for only the facts you want to use.
Steve Earle
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