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Let's stop seeking out people to kill & bring our troops home

To the editor,
The president top choice for head of the CIA, John Brennan, recently stated his support for drone warfare. He said it was a last resort; these targeted figures pose an imminent threat and must be eliminated immediately! There will be numerous deaths of civilians, but, that is what has to be done. Brennan also stated his concern about "water-boarding." — he didn't know if it worked or not. Absent was any restriction on its use.
Let's have a clean war, nobody gets their hands dirty. We can kill anyone with a push of a button, thousands of miles away. We can destroy people in several countries at the same time. Why arrest anyone, bring charges against them in a legal proceeding when we can pull the trigger getting it done without needless legality?
Water-boarding is torture, it has been for centuries. Here we are ready to confirm a man who has no objection to its use. Does this nonchalant attitude reflect the collective feeling of most people? We just don't care!
What has happened to is country in the last 10 years? Have we learned to tolerated criminal activities, turning a blind eye to what we, ourselves, have always deemed morally wrong. Is this the country I grew up in believing we were always, "the good guys?"
The country is "war weary." We have heard the same story over and over again. We even call it the Defense Department, implying we are on the run, just trying to protect ourselves: We do what we have to do! Isn't it past due that we realize what we see and hear are recited to keep us in a state of fear — that something terrible will happen, even though in the last decade not one American citizen has been killed by foreign terrorists!
The war industry has had its day. Their huge profits come out of our Medicare, Social Security, and other entitlement programs, as well as every worthwhile thing we need to do. We will continue to pay the bill for these so-called wars for the next 10 years or more. This country has been screwed — no matter how you phrase it! And we have let it happen by our inaction and gullibility!
When will we resolve to stop seeking out people to kill and bring all the troops home. We must vocalize our opposition to cruelty and callous, inhuman treatment of people in poor, defenseless countries, we have always claimed as our enemies. We can't use 9/11 as an excuse anymore!
Leon R. Albushies
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