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Was prohibition successful? How's the war on drugs going?

To the editor,
Mr. Veverka's rants and name calling certainly don't add any solutions to the problem other than what's already part of the conversation and as usual they contain non-facts. He states that "the gun nut stance rests upon a ridiculous assumption that criminals will get guns anyway so it's pointless to try."
This gun nut has to disagree. First of all I believe the NRA is presently in discussion with members of Congress to come up with a reasonable law that won't affect the rights of its members. This law includes closing the background check loophole that now exists. Who are he and John Rodgers to say that the NRA doesn't represent it's members? The reason I belong to the NRA is so that my voice can be heard.
I have to disagree with Mr. Rodgers when he states that "no one in this country is calling for a blanket ban on guns." In this country there are many factions that want to disarm its citizens for various reasons, some ideological and some nefarious. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is one that stands out as an organization whose sole purpose is to outlaw any type of firearm, whether it be done an inch at a time or in one fell swoop. I personally believe if it wasn't for the NRA, we would have a gun ban in place at this time.
Mr. Rodgers had a rebuttal to Mr. Moon's letter about which gun was used to murder the students in Newtown. I'm going to paraphrase Hillary Clinton's response when being questioned about the Benghazi boondoggle, "there are 26 people dead, what difference does it make which gun killed them?" The handguns that the killer was carrying were just as capable of doing the damage that was done and that's why this assault-type weapon discussion is ludicrous. As far as the military not letting trained soldiers take their guns home I'm sure they have their reasons. That being said, Switzerland and Israel do, fully automatic at that, and they have very low crime rates.
Back to Mr. Veverka. My questions are, was prohibition successful? How's the war on drugs going? Any ban on anything just opens up a black market that didn't exist before. I'm quite sure that when these criminals are asked where they got their gun the answers are usually they stole it or bought it on the street and not at a gun show. By the way, I never heard a peep from you about Fast and Furious, the operation where the ATF forced legitimate gun dealers to sell guns to people who the ATF knew were in turn going to sell them to the Mexican drug cartels, one of which was used to kill a U.S. border agent. Your president used executive privilege to squash the investigation.
Dave Schwotzer
Meredith Gun Nut

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