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Let's stop contributing to the desecration of the American flag

To the editor,
I have been in many cities in the United States, and am mad and ashamed of the examples of flying our flag that I have encountered. I don't know if people don't know how to properly fly Old Glory, or if they just don't care.
I appreciate that folks want to show their patriotism by flying our flag, but, if it's not done properly and with respect, it's better to not do it at all. We have enough people desecrating our flag all over the world, so that we shouldn't contribute to it!
I have seen torn, faded and ragged flags being flown in all kinds of foul weather, and being left flying all night. If you don't know how to properly display our flag, or how to properly dispose of ragged, worn out flags, please contact your local VFW or American Legion.
A Proud American Veteran,
John C. Richards, Sr.
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