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May Granny D's spirit enter all ready to work for our democracy

To the editor,
On what would have been Granny D's 103rd birthday, more than 80 people gathered in Keene at the college's Redfern Center for the Arts to celebrate and remember our Laconia-born activist-heroine who walked across the country for campaign finance reform in her 89th and 90th years. Our hosts, P.A.C.E. and C.O.D., both supported by Granny D, arranged that we'd see and hear Barbara Bates-Smith, an award-winning off-Broadway and touring actor, play the role of Granny D — reading and reciting from memory parts of the accounts in "You're Never Too Old to Raise a Little Hell", as well as in the new "My American Century". When Ms. Bates-Smith stood before us and became Granny D reacting to the Citizens United case and spoke Granny D's words about that, said at her 100th birthday in Gov. Lynch's reception room, I newly caught sight of Granny D's sparkling determination. The accompanying music by Jeff Sebens added to the treat.
Granny D told us what we must do. It cannot stand, that corporations are people. I know that Public Citizen has taken initial steps to achieve a constitutional amendment about that. Public Citizen, here I come. Time to work with you on this.
Keene's Mayor Lane read Gov. Hassan's proclamation that January 24, 2013, is Granny D Day, followed by others — Sen. Molly Kelly read the N.H. Senate proclamation; Rep. Chuck Weed read the N.H. House proclamation; Rep. Bob Perry read Congresswoman Shea-Porter's appreciation of Granny D; Regina Bringolf read Sen. Shaheen's appreciation; Ruth Meyer read Sen. Feingold's appreciation.
This inspirational afternoon ended with Granny D's band Tattoo leading us in song and playing us out of the theater and away to the room with grand chocolate birthday cake and video of Granny D at work, speaking and walking and smiling.
May Granny D's spirit enter all who are ready to work for our democracy. Look at the website for Coalition for Open Democracy.
Lynn Rudmin Chong
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