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Scott Long is a concerned, caring human being and I thank him

To the editor,
At a time when many people are suffering financially and, as a result, emotionally, it is refreshing to meet Scott Long. Scott owns Benjamin Oil, LLC, and delivers small quantities of heating oil. No minimum required. A $45 delivery fee and cash only on delivery. He will deliver nights and weekends when needed.
I could tell a long story, but my main purpose is to compliment Scott on being a concerned, caring human being. I did not have cash for any heating oil for an empty tank. The extremely cold weather caused a water pipe to burst, and as restoration work was being done, it was important to get heat going.
Scott called me twice, on his own initiative, and suggested an economical path until I could pay cash for the heating oil would be to put 10 gallons of diesel fuel into the tank. So, $40+ later I was ready to get things started. When I could not get the furnace started, Scott took the time to come over and got the furnace up and running. He didn't need to do that Kudos Mr. Long. And a big thank you.
Check out Benjamin Oil. (603) 731-5980. He will have my continued support.
Leslie James
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