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As selectman, I'll seek to listen respectfully & decide fairly

To the editor,
Dear residents of Gilmanton:
I am running for the position of selectman. Many of you remember me from the years I spent behind the desk in the Town Clerk's Office. Since that time, I have served one term as selectman and three years on the Budget Committee. Over the years I have learned a lot about how the town works, how it is financed, how it is managed on a day-to-day basis. I also have heard a great deal from many people about what affects them and what is important to them.
I know that the challenges are great, that there are often, perhaps always, conflicting interests at play. I come to the decision to run again for selectman with no self-interest, no agenda other than to try to balance the needs of the people with the wants of the people, but first and foremost, promising to abide by the existing rule of the people, as set down in ordinances and laws.
I further promise not only to pay heed to the loud and present voice, but also to seek out the silent voice of those not present, as well as the quiet voice of tradition and history. I seek to listen respectfully and to decide fairly.
I hope you will show your support for me by voting for me on Tuesday, March 12 and, no matter what, pay attention to what the board is doing and make your voices heard!
Betty Ann Abbott
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