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Gunstock Inn pool is important to many; get out of the way

To the editor,
A few years of poor weather conditions and a politically-destroyed economy has seriously damaged all tourist related businesses. The Gunstock Inn held on by savings, investments and gifts from many interested patrons, but finally those sources dried up and the bank took the property. Interested potential buyers, who would have been ideal for it, were turned away by the bank, which wanted a buyer with excessive (not just adequate) financial strength. Finally they have a buyer with great potential financing, and a wonderful helpful program. From all I've heard, ALL in the town are strongly in favor of that, yet the usual government foot draggers are at it again, trying to show off their power to obstruct! In this case, TIME is very important!
The critical element is the POOL! Maybe the most important function of the inn is Martha McIntyre's swim training and swim competition, which MUST be a continuing function. It seems that government "officials" have no concept of continuing education, since they long ago stopped learning and stagnated into a regulatory quagmire (ie, brain dead). But real life goes on, school goes on, and essential exercise MUST go on daily, not just at the whim of a vain government official!
They have a golden opportunity to help all in the town and region, and help those recovering from effects of injuries (or maybe just effects of aging like my spinal stenosis), and keep the ESSENTIAL. The fitness center and pool are needed (not just a whim) by MANY area residents, many of whom are seriously suffering while the inn is closed. What part of PAIN don't the planning board members understand? Sports programs, such as the swim team Martha directs so wonderfully, MUST be continuous, not subject to delays of mindless government obstructers. Are they really proud to have their names as the ones destroying essential programs?
As I heard it, the big regulatory problem is the weirdness of trying to separately define every tiny alteration of use. The proposed use is the SAME as that of an INN, rooms rented to people who need them! Why make an ass of yourself arguing over tiny details of the people using the rooms? Who in the past dove into the personal details of the renter's life to see if their life style met that of a weird mindless obstructionist regulator? I suspect that those problem makers on town boards are really worried that someone might uncover their use of drugs, or sex, or anything else they want to regulate, ALL of which is none of their business!
Why don't you idiots come investigate me and my serious pain drug use (greatly increased since you shut down Gunstock Inn), and my sex habits (yes, still very important at 80 years old). No one has ever accused me of being sane, thus I really understand YOUR insanity! My close neighbor and friend John O'Brien and his MUCH better half, Brenda should be primary supporters of all who used the Gunstock Inn pool.
Jack Stephenson
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