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At 90 years of age, I have wonderful memories to look back on

To the editor,
Oh! Not another night of snow! But this one was different than most, I didn't like it, but I kept on looking. The snow was falling across the way in front of someone's outdoor light and it was a beautiful scene. It took me back to when I was eight or nine years old. My two sisters and I shared a bed and there was no heat in the third floor bedrooms. Mama would walk up to the third floor with a warm flat iron from the first floor, which she heated on a black stove in the kitchen. It was hard to go from the first floor to the third floor, but she did. She ironed our sheets then wrapped the flat iron in a towel for more heat in the bed. It was warm and cozy. Mama said goodnight and told us not to forget to say our prayers. We got in bed and my sister said, "Look it's snowing out!" We all jumped out of our bed and ran to the window.
The snow was coming down across the way, it was soft and beautiful right in front of the ark light. We planned our next day for sledding. Suddenly, Pa called up to us, "What's going on up there?" We all said nothing, and he told us to get to sleep. When we heard the door close we whispered under the covers. The next day was a Saturday and we could go sledding! Off to sleep we went after our prayers.
The next morning we did our chores and had warm oatmeal for breakfast. Then, we donned our clothes like Rolly Pollies from boots to hand-made mittens. We only had two sleds, so I got to ride.
Then we went to Pine Ave. It was only 10 minutes from home in Brockton, MA and it was already crowded. When we went back home we were really cold. Mama made us ginger tea, so we wouldn't get sick. We grew up on remedies. Those days it was hard to find good doctors.
I am the 90-years-old now, and the only one left from a big family (my mom had 12 children). I have very nice things to look back on. Now I live in an excellent nursing home, Belknap County, and they give me very good care. We play all sorts of games and listen to music. My husband and son come to visit me often.
Liz O'Neil
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