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Let's make next 4 years a return to sanity and righteousness

To the editor,
Mr. Obama is our elected president and like it or not we honor the office of the president, but we have the right to judge every word he says. In other words, he is right on, or way of, "period". Now President Obama is president to all our people, and yes we have good people, but sad to say millions of unGodly people doing horrible unGodly things against the good people of our nation.
We see it every day on television news, horror after horror. Our school children killed; crime in every other city and town; it's unsafe to walk our streets anymore. Friends our founders would turn in their graves if they could see the mess our nation is in. We all have heard the presidents plans for the next four years, but no plans on how to deal with all our nations mistakes and evil laws, which we have passed.
We must speak out against these evil laws, abortion is a national shame, millions of unborn Americans murdered every year. UnGodly will say, "A woman has a right to choice." Friends, I don't have any right to kill Americans period; if you abort your baby you are a murderer, and someday will answer before God for such a horrible crime. When a married man and wife have a baby born to them, oh, it's such a joy. Everyone is so happy for them, but marriage today is under attack by the unGodly, our evil laws allows a woman to marry a woman, also a man to marry a man. Our founders would say "But this can't be?" We founded this nation under God, not under Satan. "Who allowed this?" Mr. Obama says, these people are our brothers and sisters. Might be his, but not mine. "Now how about you?" you might ask, what does God say about all this?
Friends take time and read (Rom 1:18-32) and see for yourselves. Listen to God, not Obama and obey God, not Obama. Stand for the truth not sin. America, can become a light to this evil world, as Americans declare "In God we trust" and change the evil laws, forced upon us, by unGodly people.
Let us make the next four years a return to sanity, and righteousness, and we will experience the true blessing of God on our nation.
It's never to late to change, for good. It all begins with you, and me also.
William "Liam" McCoy
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