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How far are you willing to go to get guns from peaceful owners?

To the editor,
I enjoyed the letter from on Mr. Rogers in Saturday's Sun. His is typical of the of the "good people against bad guns" mentality. Since he has offered his opinions on the subject, let us explore his thought process a bit.
All of the hysteria against AR-15's began with the hideous Newtown School attack. We were told from the outset that a scary Bushmaster rifle was used so we must get rid of them. That was a the first big lie that has been perpetuated and never challenged. The truth is that the insane shooter used four common handguns for his rampage, the rifle was found afterward in the trunk of his car, unfired. This inconvenient fact did not support the argument for new sweeping gun control laws so it has been ignored. We can't hold this against you Mr. Rogers as you, like most people, want to believe that we are getting the straight story from our government and our news reporters. Most of your other facts are indeed accurate, however based on the Big Lie. People are indeed buying up all manner of guns and ammunition as if preparing for war. Many new gun owners have limited experience with them true, but that does not make them bad people, when their motive is to protect themselves, their family, their neighborhood and their country from attack by common criminals and other enemies, foreign or domestic. These are all legitimate purposes to own military style weapons as described in Article 2 of the Bill of Rights. This is what was intended to be an unalienable guarantee in the U.S. Constitution, that no matter how small of a minority an individual may find themselves in, even if they are the only one who chooses to exercise that option, that no one can take that away from them. And many millions of Americans have submitted to personal background investigations and paid good money to legally own their guns.
So Mr. Rogers, based on your incorrect understanding of the law and being duped by lies and misinformation, you have concluded that no one should own certain types of firearms and therefore the government should "buy them all back", and that will make everything okay again. Let us continue with your line of thinking and how that might play out. And let's use me as an example of the gun owner that I have just described. So the government passes a law which I have understood all of my life would violate my civil rights, and says that I must give up my gun for which they will pay me some money. And what if I tell them no, my guns are not for sale and Ill just keep them but thanks for the offer. Now Mr. Rogers, how far are you willing to go with this? If it were up to you, would you favor having me be raided by heavily armed soldiers or police, and perhaps have me and members of my family shot and killed in the name of public safety? If the government were to declare war on otherwise peaceful gun owners, how many people like me would it be acceptable to kill or put in prison for refusing to submit? Do you really think Americans would tolerate such attacks by our own government or would it light the fuse on a civil war? How many? Would you yourself risk your life and your family to disarm the rest of us? Think carefully on your answer, and remember, I'm just minding my own business, enjoying my hobby and bothering nobody. You are the one that is threatening me.
Alan Moon
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