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Please attend Saturday's Deliverative Session for Gilmanton schools

To the editor,
In accordance with the requirements of SB-2, Gilmanton held its Deliberative Session on the town budget on Saturday, February 2.
141 voters or 6 percent of the registered voters, about half of the usual attendance at Town Meeting, attended and the session was quiet but productive. Voters were able to hear from the Budget Committee, the selectmen, and the fire and police chiefs and make informed decisions about the town's finances. Some articles were amended to $0 after discussion of whether funds were actually needed.
141 voters decided for all of us what will be on the ballot on March 12.
Please attend the Deliberative Session for the school budget on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 10 a.m. at the Gilmanton School. The school budget needs the attention and scrutiny just as the town's budget did, with the goal of keeping our taxes under control.
Remember that more than 60 percent of your tax dollars goes to fund the school. The current budget has been created by the administrators, none of whom live in our town or are impacted by the projected tax increase.
Be part of the group that determines what will be on the school ballot on March 12.
It's your money.
Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works
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