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It was discouraging to see the wasteful spending by the county

To the editor,
I read with amazement the letter from the Belknap County Commissioners in your paper dated the 29th of January. They would make you believe that they are watching out for the taxpayers.
Nothing could be further from the truth. For the last two years I had the privilege of serving Belknap County in District 1 as your state representative. It was very discouraging to see the wasteful spending at the county — like the rainy day funds and stimulus funds from the feds. They spent about $ 800,000 on renovations and gave sizable salary increases when many of our citizens
were struggling to make ends meet.
I urge the taxpayers of Belknap County to get involved. Write to your state rep with a copy going to the paper and demand we see no increase in county taxes.
Tyler Simpson
New Hampton
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