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Meredith selectmen have done good job of holding line on taxes

To the editor,
Space considerations may have made it difficult for The Sun fully to reflect my views, but I am concerned that I might be seen as a "tax and spender", which I'm not. I don't enjoy paying taxes any more than anyone else and want to avoid tax increases to the extent possible. Meredith's Selectboard has done a commendable job in holding the line on taxes during the past four recessionary years. In large part, this was accomplished by drawing on the town's "fund balance", a rainy day fund, and by deferring spending on roads and replacement of equipment.
In their proposed budget for 2013, the Selectboard again draws on the fund balance to hold down taxes but also to set aside funds for capital equipment. The challenge faced in future years is to be able to replace equipment and provide other necessary spending without tax increases or major drawdowns from reserves.
Lou Kahn
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