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Desire for secrecy is behind actions of Belknap Commissioners

To the editor,
Recent Letters to the Editor show a substantial amount of misinformation. For example, one writer (Friday, Jan. 25 - Andrew Sanborn) is unaware that it is necessary that the powers of government are split three ways, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The split in governmental powers is necessary because there are examples of the adage, that power corrupts. Therefore in American government, not only are governmental powers split, it is vitally important the splits be maintained.
Secondly the fears that Andrew Sanborn lists about the legislative trampling on the executive do not exist.
Under the three way split of government, the job of the executive at all three levels of government is to do as they are told, and in every case it is the Legislative Branch that tells the Executive Branch "what to do:" Even the job of our Chief Executive, the President of the United States — his job is to do as he is told by the Legislative Branch, the Congress.
Another writer, Dorothy Piquado (also in the Friday Jan. 25 Daily Sun) is unaware that the County Convention is on immediate call by the County Commissioners (RSA 24:14-a) to make supplemental changes in the budget at the request of the County Commissioners, in a public meeting to which the public has been invited.
At the county level; the County Convention is required by law to pass a line-item budget. Without their line item okay, no money can be spent at the county level. Should changes become necessary the County Convention is immediately and easily available to act on the changes such as might be requested by the County Commissioners; but every meeting of the County Convention must be advertised some days in advance of the time it is held, and the public is kept informed of all the actions that the County Delegation did take at any of their meetings.
However, while every meeting of the County Convention is required by law to be public, not so-with the County Commissioners. I do not recall ever having seen any newspaper ads that state the date or the agenda , or that the public is invited to attend, the next meeting of the County Commissioners. Secrecy therefore seems to be the reason; for the County Commissioners to demand to be able to transfer money from one account to another without involving the County Convention. Secrecy in government, secrecy in government in and of itself, secrecy is wrong.
In my opinion, the current crop of County Commissioners demand, to have the personal power to be able to transfer county money, in secret, from one part of the approved county budget, to something not approved, and without holding a fully advertised public hearing (as it would be, if done through the easily accessible, and readily available County Convention). Secrecy in handling county money is wrong.
Robert Kingsbury
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