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Obama see government dependency as his great accomplishment

To the editor,
Face the truth! We have indeed become a nation of takers, not makers. A nation of loafers, not workers.
Obama, in his inaugural address, paints his sows ear of economic failure into a silk purse portrait. If being artificially propped up by GOVERNMENT for your next free meal, free health care visit, free college Pell Grant, or your government subsidized free rent/heat then yes you are surely living the "silk purse" life paid for by others. We are a nation now determined to live off the work, success and tax payments of our neighbors across town. Obama sees GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY as the greatest accomplishment of his presidency. Half of this nation is now getting some type of transfer payment from government monthly, from welfare to disability. This is an ORGASMIC FANTASY OF DEMOCRATS to have the nation DEPENDENT on government to eat and breathe.
Government does not EARN a NICKEL. ALL IT DOES IS TAX ,TAX, TAX STOPPING investment, jobs and growth in the bargain. Need proof? Today's Daily Sun headline " Economy shifts in REVERSE in 4th Quarter of 2012". We are into OBAMA'S FIFTH year with the economy still stuck in REVERSE. OBAMA transfer payment to DEPENDENTS (150 million of them) who just voted him a 2nd term to assure the DOLE from you to them never stops.
When I say the welfare society, the DEPENDENT society and the loafing society, believe it. There are now FEWER people WORKING in America today than there were20 YEARS AGO. More people dependent on Obama to eat than ever. He LOVES IT. His best product is FAILURE. Democratic failure assures SUCCESS in POLITICS. Every human failure gets outfitted with a donkey NOSE RING , becomes subservient, submissive, SURRENDERS their FREEDOM TO THINK and their vote in the deal with the DEVIL.
Why doesn't anyone want to work? A fine question for you to ask. Some answers:
1. FOOD STAMPS. The old line of the 1930s and 40s was " I work to eat". Not true today. Obama assures you can eat just fine without ever getting out of bed. In 2000 we had 17 million people eating free off others. Today we have 47.5 million eating FOR FREE every single day. If you think food stamp lines follow unemployment stats, forget it. There is often little correlation. Unemployment can be down and food stamp demand up. Obama ADVERTISES on radio to find people because food stamp eaters are voting for him near 100 percent. So put FREE FOOD, NEON billboards every place to get donkey votes.
2. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY. The general health of Americans has improved over recent years and the number of dangerous jobs done by people has been reduced dramatically with robots and technology. Still, disability claims since Obama took office (like food stamps) have gone into hyper overdrive. Unbelievable numbers of Americans have SUDDENLY caught BAD BACKS and become NUT cases in the past five years, unlike any time in history. By the way both conditions are impossible to prove anyone is feeling one tinge of pain. Almost EVERY person (no matter what ailment) seeking disability gets approved. Literally, NO ONE who says "my back hurts" gets turned down for disability. The entire program is riddled top to bottom with fraud and deception to get a LIFETIME check from OBAMA paid for by YOU. Millions have figured out disability is the gravy train of all gravy trains because it NEVER ENDS, Three million people were on disability in 1990. A number that hardly changed year after year for decades. It has suddenly TRIPLED in the past few years to 8.6 MILLION PEOPLE. The DISABILITY TRUST Fund will now GO BANKRUPT during Obama's current term because so many sore backs affixed with new Obama nose rings have been added to the rolls. Now add the disability BANKRUPTCY to the Social Security and MEDICARE bankruptcies, all BANKRUPTCY GIFTS to YOU from Democrats.
3. PELL GRANTS. This program began in the 1960s with about 10 percent of the country qualifying. Now 60 percent of America qualify because the rules have been so loosened. Pell grants are being given to THOUSANDS of FAMILIES that are MILLIONAIRES. How? They make their children INDEPENDENTS with few assets and little money and voila a check for thousands of dollars from GOVERNMENT arrives. Every government hand out is SKINNED ALIVE with one DECEPTION or another, including Pell Grants. Pell Grants are sending countless millions of kids to college who will NEVER financially benefit from that education. In fact many of them will become VICTIMS of the liberal lunacy. These people will be the first candidates to file for bankruptcy from crunching student debt that can not repay at low level jobs. Delinquent college debt is becoming epidemic nation wide. It WILL BE the next emerging crisis Democrats will try to VOTE BUY with a GOVERNMENT BAILOUT on your DIME. We have more than a MILLION retail clerks today with COLLEGE DEGREES working at stores like Wal-Mart and Kohl's. In fact half the people working today have degrees performing jobs that the government says are NOT NECESSARY to perform them. A college degree today is now WORTH LESS than it has ever been. Why? Because the cost has gone SO HIGH relative to the added wages a degree can demand PLUS the LOSS of four years of work time that often extends to SIX. The return on investment of a degree keeps shirking and shirking. Liberal idiots scream we need more state aid for colleges. All state aid does is throw red meat to a pack of union, professor wolves that HISTORY proves OVER and OVER only results in ever higher tuitions. Look at the graphs going back 20 years. There is no debating that fact.
4. EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. Since the 1930s, unemployment benefits were intended to be a short storm stop gap between jobs, It now has become a way to milk the system and STAY UNEMPLOYED longer, intentionally. There are countless studies that prove longer unemployment benefits only delay the honest hunt for real work.
We have a national debt and deficit that is crippling us. We desperately need more people in the work force paying taxes on their incomes, paying their own way. What are we doing as a nation? Making NOT WORKING a lot more incentivized than working. Is it any wonder we have tens of millions deciding to stay unemployed as long as possible. The new American way of life is qualifying for as many government nipples as they possibly can using what ever "my back hurts chicanery" to do it. Staying unemployed beats working at Wal-Mart or MacDonald's and many other places for eight bucks an hour. I guarantee you free food, free health care, subsidized rent, subsidized heat, an unemployment check or a lifetime disability check (obtained by simply declaring you're nuts) from never earned a nickel GOVERNMENT surely looks like a much better option than working 8 to 5.
Tony Boutin
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