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Beware if you're going to renew your N.H. driver's license online

To the editor,
When the State of New Hampshire removed their DMV office out of the Belknap Mall, we thought we would have to go to Concord to renew our driver's licenses. However, the state has established an online method of renewing our driver's license, so I tried it. It was not easy, and there were several items that didn't seem right to me, but for an additional $25 fee (on top of the $50 for the license), I didn't have to drive to Concord. Fair enough. Until I got my bill and discovered the fee goes to Great Britain, and every month thereafter, we are charged $10 for their services. It was not difficult to back out of that arrangement, but the very idea that our great state of New Hampshire has to hire a company in Great Britain to handle driver's license renewals boggles my mind.
This letter is a warning to all who may want to use the online renewal process.
Peggy Graham
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