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Ridiculous to think facilitated meetings create useful data

To the editor,
At 53 years old, I really didn't want to waste the opportunity for a quiet evening at home but that is exactly what the WRSD school board had me do last Tuesday night.  I attended the facilitated meeting on all-day kindergarten.  Learned nothing additional, heard no new information, was surprised (not really) that only one school board member attended, but here is the shocker:
A report is supposed to be compiled (by the outside group N.H. LISTENS) containing all the information discussed at the six tables.  A report that is supposed to reflect community feelings about a yes or no question. . . should we have all-day kindergarten?  It matters not, that the community answered that same question by secret ballot just last March.  And the school board killed it for this district meeting 24 hours prior.
Regardless, it's ridiculous to think these facilitated meetings create any useful data.  What is said at one table, is not discussed at another.  Several attendees weren't even members of the WRSD community!  It was open to the public. Please let your school board hear from you. . . school district meeting reflects exactly how we feel.  We don't need or want outsiders writing reports on what they simply "heard" and have those reports lead to policy making. We need a list of real priorities to vote on or the district will continue to wallow.
Greg Hill
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